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Policies and Guidelines

Papa Turkey Jeff Fox 400 x 529We don't have many rules at Coggeshall Farm Museum, because we encourage our visitors to touch everything and go just about anywhere. The few rules we do have are for the safety of our visitors and farm animals. Thank you!

Farm Safety Guidelines


  • Watch your step! Our grounds and buildings are like those of 18th century Rhode Island and may be rougher than expected. For more detailed information on accessibility, please visit our Access, Parking and Facilities page.
  • Do not walk or climb on stone walls, fences or trees.
  • Do not feed livestock or fowl without the permission of a staff member. This can be dangerous to you and unhealthy for our animals.
  • Coggeshall is a carry in-carry out site. Please carry out all trash.  Remember that the grass you walk on is food for the museum's livestock and must be kept clean of plastic and refuse for their health.
  • Do not attempt to pick up or hold livestock or fowl without permission of a staff member.
  • Do not chase the animals.
  • Please do not bring dogs or other pets, with the exception of guide dogs. However docile, dogs may startle or injure free-ranging fowl and other livestock.
  • Do not enter pens, fenced-in pastures or barns containing livestock without permission of a staff member.

Thank you! Your adherence to these rules helps us ensure a safe and comfortable experience for all of our museum visitors.


We value the photographers who help us tell our story. Many professional photographers have donated their work to create this website and other publicity materials. You can learn more about their work on our Photographers page. 

Photography in the museum is permitted for personal use and should not interfere with other visitors' experiences.  Commercial and press photography, commercial artwork and other activities resulting in the creation of images from Coggeshall Farm Museum may be performed with authorization from the museum.  Please note that photographers must pay admission or purchase a business membership to gain access to the site for commercial photography. 

During your visit, authorized photographers, or videographers, may request permission to record your image to be used for Coggeshall Farm Museum publicity purposes. If you do not wish to be photographed, just let us know!