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Saro & Travis 400 x 599Coggeshall Farm Museum attracts visitors from across the country and all over the world.

Whether you're visiting on a quiet day to experience the living history of Rhode Island's salt marsh farmers in the late 18th century or participating in one of our major festivals, we hope you'll spend some time getting to know the Ocean State while you're here.

The town of Bristol itself stands at the center of important historical events. It was home to the great Wampanoag and later became pivotal in the Transatlantic slave trade, fueled by the world class rum produced here. Coggeshall Farm Museum is a part of that rich history, honoring the lives of tenant farmers who worked the land along the coastline of this seafaring town.

Here are a few sites that will help you dig deeper into Rhode Island's storied past while you're in the neighborhood!

Although Coggeshall Farm Museum has been an independent nonprofit living history museum since 1973, the 48 acres of land on which Coggeshall sits is owned by the State of Rhode Island and provided to us through a 25-year lease, managed by the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM). We encourage you to visit our sister farms on state-owned land, each of which offers a unique opportunity to interact with Rhode Island's natural landscape.

Our historic interpreters are ready to engage you around the rich history of Coggeshall Farm, the town of Bristol and the state of Rhode Island. Please share your ideas and knowledge! We love learning from our visitors!