Tyska Animal Barn

By interpreting life on a 1790s salt-marsh tenant farm, Coggeshall Farm Museum serves the local community as a living history museum and vital educational resource. Historically, a barn was vital to the family, neighbors, and community who relied on the food the farm provided. The 2021 completion of the Tyska… Read More

Cart Shed/Wood Shop

Built by Coggeshall Farm Museum in the 1980s The Cart Shed has served numerous purposes over the years, including as a storage space for a cart and for tools related to the field, farm, and cart maintenance. It currently houses a Textile demonstration, complete with spinning wheels and other wool… Read More

Hay Barn

Built by Coggeshall Farm Museum in the 1980s The Hay Barn is currently used as a behind the scenes storage space for staff, volunteers, and equipment at Coggeshall Farm. It has open accommodations for small hoofstock and a hayloft for hay storage. Two chicken coops are built off the side… Read More


Built in the 1970s The forge at Coggeshall was donated by Luther Blount, owner of Blount Boats and Seafood in Warren. He had fond childhood memories of visiting his uncles forge in Maine in the early 20th century. In homage to his uncle, he had this unique building constructed at… Read More

Spring House

From the late 19th or early 20th century This stone building sits on top of a freshwater spring, which served as the primary water source on this property until the late 1980s. The 1799 deed lists a well at approximately the same distance from the dwelling house, and it is… Read More

Cheese House

From the late 18th century or early 19th century This stone Structure may be what was called a cheese house in the tax roll and advertisements. Its masonry walls and proximity to the farm’s water source would make it a convenient place to process and store milk into butter and… Read More

Tenant Farmhouse

From the late 18th century The first written evidence of this structure appears in the 1799 deed of sale when the property was sold by Samuel Vial Peck to Shearjashub Bourne. Modest, single-story houses of this sort, 600-900 square feet in size, represented close to one-third of the houses in… Read More