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Sponsor a School

McKayla in ClassroomExperiential education provides unique benefits to school children. At Coggeshall Farm Museum, students touch, taste, smell, hear and experience history in a way that is impossible to do in a classroom.

They are encouraged to explore, discover, ask questions, get involved and reflect on the differences between the lives of 18th-century Rhode Island farmers and their own lives today.

The Value of Experiential Education at Coggeshall

At Coggeshall, students learn about the history of everyday working people — America's original middle class — rather than viewing history through the lens of those who have typically commanded notice in the pages of history: people with the greatest wealth and power. They learn about the interdependent roles of women, men and children on a farm, the importance of community, and the value of hard work. Students discover they can make things and grow things that they commonly buy in a store.

Opening the Doors to Coggeshall

Many schools across Rhode Island and Massachusetts send their students from various grades to Coggeshall for a learning experience that ties to and enhances their academic curriculum. We believe every local student should experience Coggeshall at least once before they graduate high school. Unfortunately, many schools are unable to fund the transportation and admission costs, even though our admission fees are very low. Our goal is to open the doors to Coggeshall Farm Museum by removing the barrier of affordability.

What is the Sponsor a School Program?

We have spearheaded the Sponsor a School program to increase access to Coggeshall's experiential learning program to students, regardless of their (and their school's) ability to pay. Through a combination of grant funding, corporate donations and private philanthropy, we hope to make it possible for every school district in Rhode Island to send at least one grade level to Coggeshall Farm Museum each year. We will work with educators at each school to ensure our experience dovetails with their curriculum.

The Sponsor a School program will defray the costs of admission and transportation, making it possible for more school children to experience history outside the classroom in a way they'll never forget!

How Can I Sponsor a School?

Your contribution to our special Sponsor a School fund will go directly toward a fund to defray the cost of admission and transportation for schools that wish to visit Coggeshall Farm Museum. It's easy!

  1. Go to our donation page and scroll down to the last section.
  2. In the box labeled "I want my donation to be designated toward," select "Sponsor a School" in the drop-down box.
  3. In the next box, labeled "I want my donation to be dedicated," type in the name of the town or school you want to support. If you would like to support all students in Rhode Island equally, you can leave that box empty or type "All Students." 

That's it! You'll receive an email acknowledgement along with a formal letter of thanks, copied to the school you have designated, to let them know they have funds available to use toward a field trip. 

What Will My Contribution Provide?

We strive to keep our admission prices low for all schools because we believe all children in our area should have the opportunity to benefit from Coggeshall's experiential education program. Currently, admission cost is just $5/child. The average cost of a school bus for a field trip is about $300. We will reserve up to 20% of each Sponsor a School contribution for transportation needs, if required by the school. Here's what your contribution can do:

  • $100 pays admission for 16 students and provides $20 in transportation assistance.
  • $200 pays admission for 32 students and provides $40 in transportation assistance.
  • $500 pays admission for 80 students and provides $100 in transportation assistance

What a great way to support education in Rhode Island!