Two young girls work at a craft table with paper, markers, etc.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Times: Workshop times vary; see below

Cost: Classes are $10 per homeschooler (unless otherwise noted) and admission for accompanying grownups is free

Coggeshall Farm Museum in Bristol, RI

Join Coggeshall Farm for a Homeschool Day! Homeschool day has a rotating series of programs and workshops geared for ages 4+ that bring the historic world to life. This program is for advance sign-up only and includes the cost of admission. It also features a variety of self-guided activities for all ages.

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Things to know:

Workshops & Registration

Session 1: 9:30 – 10:30 a.m.

Woodworking: Happy Hedgehogs (Ages 4+)


Calling all woodworkers! Our littlest friends will learn all about the woodshop in this accessible, hands-on project. Kids ages four and up are invited into the shop to hear a story, meet the tools, and learn shop safety. Afterwards, children and their guardian will work together to put those new skills to use by hammering, tapping, and banging their way into building a new wooden hedgehog friend to bring home.

*A parent or guardian must stay with their child through this program.

Flower Press Magic: Creating Floral Artistry (Ages 7+)

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Dive into the magical world of pressing flowers and leaves, just as people did in the 18th century. Discover the secrets of preserving nature’s wonders and use your newfound skills to create a vibrant tapestry of colors and shapes. Join us for a hands-on time of creativity, where you’ll connect with history and craft your own masterpiece from the garden’s treasures. 

Wool Felting ( Ages10+)

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Step back in time and learn about another one of wool’s many forms used throughout time. We will learn about wet felting and needle felting and how they were used in the past.  Finish the program off with creating your own felt creature to bring home.

Break: 10:30 a.m.

Try out some historic games in between classes in the Coggeshall Work Yard! Free for all class participants. (This will be an independent activity not led by an instructor)

Session 2: 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Snout to Tail: A Pig’s Sensory Safari (Ages 4+)

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Delve into the fascinating world of pigs as we unravel their extraordinary senses of sight, smell, touch, and more. Through hands-on interactions and engaging activities, your child will gain a deeper understanding of how these intelligent creatures experience their environment. Join us for an unforgettable adventure that’s both educational and fun, as we explore the sensory wonders of our farm’s beloved pig family.

Dirty Jobs! (Ages 7+)

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Join us on the farm as we get down and dirty doing some farm chores! Come take an up-close-and-personal look at the fun and icky side of farm life as you participate in animal care, composting, garden work, and more. Come prepared for bugs, mud, and dirt!

*Participants are required to wear closed-toed shoes for this program. Boots are recommended.

Pottery: (Ages 10+)

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Get your hands dirty in a craft that has persisted throughout generations, pottery!  We will learn about the different types of pottery made over time and different techniques.  Then we will dive in and make our own pottery creations with air dry clay.