Coggeshall Farm Museum Home Page

History Comes to Life

Todd Maple SugaringCoggeshall Farm Museum brings to life the history of middle-class farm families in the late 18th century.

Set on 48 acres of coastal farmland in Bristol, Rhode Island, Coggeshall recreates the daily experience of tenant farmers on a salt marsh farm through live interpretation, historic structures, heirloom plants and heritage-breed animals.

Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for a hands-on experience! We don’t have any “do not touch” signs. In every season, you are welcome to get your hands dirty and help us as we go about our daily chores.

Some visitors come to photograph this stunning location or to soothe their senses as they stroll the serene coastal farmland. Others come with their families to interact with our farm animals, learn about our historic property or acquire new skills. Coggeshall Farm Museum allows people of all ages and interests to step back in time and become a part of history.

As the weather and seasons change, so too does the work, following a continuous cycle of birth, growth and harvest.  Every day begins anew at Coggeshall with the daily tasks and pleasures of 18th-century farm families. Whether you’re weeding the garden, frying jonnycakes over the hearth or singing a sea shanty with your friends, a visit to Coggeshall renews the spirit.

Our special events bring in talented crafters, gardeners, farmers, artists and scholars from across New England, and our workshops offer intimate experiences for those who wish to learn a new skill or gain a hands-on appreciation for history.

We encourage you to become a member, the most affordable way to participate in events and visit the farm on a regular basis. For more information on membership, please visit our membership page.

A Museum of Methods

The museum utilizes its entire 48-acre site as an educational environment. Visitors experience the past using all of their senses and are invited to assist the farmers with their work. 

The museum is focused on processes and methods as well as objects. Those who are willing may find meaning in the past through hands-on learning.

We maintain authentic relationships between different aspects of the farm through accurate restoration, reconstruction and use of the historic farmhouse, reproduction outbuildings, gardens, fields and livestock. Coggeshall Farm Museum illustrates the complexities of life in pre-industrial Rhode Island and provides context for current issues such as consumerism and environmental sustainability.

Enjoy the farm's beauty or savor the taste of a jonnycake. Allow your senses to explore the past at a leisurely pace. From the smallest child to the respected scholar, Coggeshall offers opportunities for discovery.