Coggeshall Farm Museum

Why Support Coggeshall?

Sack RaceFor more than four decades, Coggeshall Farm Museum has preserved a vital piece of Rhode Island's history and brought it to life. People like you have made that possible.

Community members, businesses, foundations, granting organizations and philanthropists have been critical in sustaining our organization. It is appropriate that a museum which honors the work of Rhode Island's original middle class — the tenant farmer — sees such support among everyday people.

You can support Coggeshall Farm Museum in many ways:

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Download the latest Coggeshall Newsletter and learn more about the programs and activities you are supporting with your membership or charitable donation. If you would like to learn more about how you can support Coggeshall Farm Museum, please email Board Member Cindy Elder.

Thank you for helping us to ensure that future generations will be able to experience living history at Coggeshall Farm Museum!